3 Reasons Why You May Not Qualify As a Client For Us (and why that's best for us both)

After over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, my team and I have a clear idea of who we like to work with, and this post is a good opportunity to share our criteria. We take our choice of clientele very seriously at Centrecon™. This is so that you and we are in a situation that benefits each other because we hold the same values of open communication. The reality is, my team and I hold our clients to the same standard that we hold ourselves to to ensure that we are a right fit to work together. And this means that there are times when things don’t work out between us.

It’s About Values

Our biggest goal as a firm is to change the construction industry by moving away from the ancient practices of poor planning, poor communication, and lack of transparency that leads to nothing but frustration and confusion.

This is the way most firms operate today, which we think is unacceptable.

But, the possibility exists that you may not value what we value, or you’re so used to the old way of doing things that working with a firm that values your happiness, as cheesy as it might sound, isn’t for you.

I respect that. We all respect that.

But, it’s not called the Collaborative Construction Process™ for nothing, and if you retain a “business only” mindset in that you have no desire to establish a friendly relationship with us so we can work together as a tightly knit team to accomplish your project in the smoothest way possible, then we’re not meant to be.

On our end, we’re going to come to the table with the objective of becoming friends, rather than a simple client-and-contractor. These bonds are what create the collaborative environment that we want to work out of.

Focusing on this is how we get to learn who you are as a person. And you, us.

If we know who you are as a person, then we immediately know more about how you operate your business. If we know how you operate your business, we can anticipate your needs and potential problems to mitigate or eliminate potential cost increases or delays.

And of course, because you understand us, you will feel comfortable sharing any and all details with us knowing we will do our best to work with you to solve any problem.

This makes our “client-contractor” relationship flourish because the project is rampant with open communication and transparency.

We are here to collaborate with you.

Strict Qualification

In short, you don’t qualify to work with us if:

  • You’re unwilling to move past the client-contractor mindset. “Business only”.
  • You don’t want to be fully transparent about your business and the way you do things.
  • You’re uninterested in an atmosphere that values collaboration, transparency, and accountability with all team members involved (including you).

We’re here to renovate the construction industry, and we can only do that if we’re working with clients that value the direction we want to take - which is away from opaque communication and poor planning and into an open, transparent relationship.

If the idea of working with a firm that cares about who you are, what you value, and what you want to accomplish while also being open to that sharing on our end, then you’re the right fit for us.

And we’ll be excited to work with you.

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The Collaborative Construction Process™

We have such a passion for building better together with our clients, that we literally wrote the book on it. This is the formula for how we do business, and how we want to start to transform the way everyone chooses to work together and execute work. We have many resources available from an intro video featuring the author himself, a scorecard that you can fill out yourself to determine where your business falls today in the process, and the ability to request a call with the founder of Centrecon and author of the process, Gianluca Pascale. Find out more and get your own free digital copy of The Collaborative Construction Process™ for yourself by clicking below.