How Good Relationships Saved This Client Six Figures (and how you can benefit from them too)

In this post I want to share how one client saved six figures on a project due to “Value Engineering”, a process borne from creating good relationships. The Collaborative Construction Process™ focuses on relationships and relationship building. This creates a transparent atmosphere of trust that lets us work together to find the best solutions to potential problems on any fast-moving project. While we invest extra time during the planning stages early in the project to make sure we have the scope narrowed down to the finest detail, it’s possible (and frankly likely) that situations will arise that require improvisation. We will need to think on our feet.


This is where having good relationships starts showing its value.

A Firm That Cares

Typically, a situation that requires improvisation will turn into a game of shifting blame and responsibility. Somebody will end up under a ton of pressure and this high stress atmosphere means more mistakes are made. This leads to unexpected costs and time delays.

The relationship we have with our service providers means they anticipate problems and work to find solutions. They don’t let problems slide. They are collaborative and have your best interests in mind.

They understand our process and work with us to implement it to give you a great project experience.

This isn’t going to happen with a firm that just wants to make as much money as possible while investing as little time as possible (time and money focus). They don’t care and because they don’t care, their service providers aren’t likely going to care.

It’s much easier to improvise when all my team members and your team members are working together to find solutions.

And because we have good relationships with our service providers, we are able to apply “Value Engineering”, a process that can save a ton of money.

Value Engineering

In one example on a recent client project, I had our electrician review drawings with his estimator and electrical engineer, and they proposed some changes to electrical service as well as two types of lights that were specified for the project.

Because of this review, their recommendations allowed us to provide alternate solutions that produced $125,000.00 in cost savings.

These savings were ultimately passed on to the client, thereby decreasing their budget by 125K.

And to clarify, it’s not that the consultants did a bad job that we found these savings. It’s that the extra interpretation and viewpoint from another set of eyes is just that valuable.

Not Business Only

Because we focus on having a good relationship with our service providers, this one client saved six figures. The best part is, these providers are eager to help on their own dime because of the relationship we have with them.

They understand the process and go the extra mile to deliver you the best possible results.

When that spirit of collaboration is achieved because we like and trust each other, these types of cost-saving solutions are often found.

When you take the leap to work with a firm that wants to be friends with you (and is friends with their service providers), you’re automatically in a position to save money when compared to firms that don’t hold the same values.

When your team and our team are working together in this collaborative spirit, we maximize our chances of anticipating issues and dealing with them, and reducing costs.

Good relationships saved this one client 125k. And these types of discoveries occur all the time in the collaborative atmosphere we all work to create.


That’s the power of the Collaborative Construction Process™.

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The Collaborative Construction Process™

We have such a passion for building better together with our clients, that we literally wrote the book on it. This is the formula for how we do business, and how we want to start to transform the way everyone chooses to work together and execute work. We have many resources available from an intro video featuring the author himself, a scorecard that you can fill out yourself to determine where your business falls today in the process, and the ability to request a call with the founder of Centrecon and author of the process, Gianluca Pascale. Find out more and get your own free digital copy of The Collaborative Construction Process™ for yourself by clicking below.