How to Keep Cool In The Project Pressure Cooker

Working together on such a financially significant project means that issues will arise along the way that add stress and pressure to an already fast-moving scope of work. If not managed properly, these issues will create extra stress, increasing the chances of costly mistakes or safety incidents. So, while client satisfaction is priority number one, I would be dishonest if I said the entire process was sunshine and rainbows. Obstacles are always to be expected. But it’s the collaborative approach we take to them that makes the difference.


We’re in a pressure-cooker together and it’s not always pretty. But when things get tense, we always remember that everyone involved is a professional and deserving of respect.

We find a way to cool things down and figure out the best way forward. Together. It’s what highly skilled teammates do.

You’ve got your vision, your business and your money riding on your project.  We have our business, our reputation and our pride riding on it.  Combined, those are very high stakes.

But, we work together to tackle each issue, and keep the cooker at the right setting that ensures everyone is operating from a place of optimism and focus.

Because if that setting gets too high, the project and the people start to become compromised, and this is when mistakes start to happen.

Safety Is Our Red Line

When contractors are pushed to get things done, safety can fall from being priority number one.

And while most clients profess to wanting things done safely, the story often changes when the pressure is on. Corners start to get cut.

Surprisingly, this is still an ongoing problem.

But we maintain a strict safety policy, and hire third party health and safety reps to help us make any necessary changes and amendments to the site.

This ensures everyone is able to work with the confidence and assurance that they will never be asked or feel like they must work in an unsafe-like manner.

It doesn’t matter what’s on the line. Safety is never compromised. And we get ahead of incidents by planning the project.

This drastically reduces unexpected obstacles, keeping the pressure down and the environment safe.

Lots Of Moving Parts

Such a financially significant investment with so many moving parts means there are tons of details that can go wrong. When things are going wrong, stress levels rise. You lose confidence. Things start to fall apart.

The best way to get ahead of those problems is through proactive planning.

If planning is not done at the beginning, like is found with most contractors, then the entire project is a pressure cooker at the max setting.

It’s stressful and unforgiving. Because so little has been anticipated, every problem becomes a big deal. Costs can increase, time delays occur, and the entire team feels overwhelmed.

When a team is overwhelmed, safety incidents are much more likely to occur, and we absolutely want each person working with us to return home safely each night.

So issues will occur on a project, but it’s how they’re handled that is the difference between a smooth flowing project with an optimistic, collaborative atmosphere, and one full of overwhelm and disappointment that can lead to a team member making a life altering mistake.

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