Proactive is Addictive

Proactive planning is a “diving deep into the details” process that creates a smooth-flowing project, resulting in an experience full of ease rather than frustration and gives you confidence in such a financially significant investment. For the most part, the construction industry and its clients are not proactive one bit, leading to a complete lack of organization that results in uncertainty throughout the entire project. This uncertainty leaves everyone on edge, confused, and frustrated. The whole thing feels like an obstacle course. And you’ll never really understand what is going on with your project.

The Gates Are Open

The way these projects are usually awarded is something like this:

“Congratulations. We’re awarding you the job. We need it done by “X”. And we need you to start immediately.”

Everyone then runs out the gate, guns blazing.

Starting immediately means that everything you could have planned for at the start will now become a series of obstacles.

This lack of planning is certainly going to make the entire project a headache, because there is no plan in place.

Unexpected costs will show up one after the other, making it next to impossible to manage money properly.

And there is no way to determine a proper schedule, which means we don’t know when we need to get equipment or materials and this leads to huge lack of project fluidity.

Productivity And Fluidity

When we spend time proactively planning all the details of the project at the beginning of the process, you’re going to be amazed not only at how much smoother the project runs, but the obstacles that do arise are largely anticipated and quickly resolved.

Plus, we have the right people for the right tasks at the right times.

Specialties are assigned and when you spend time at the beginning identifying the “who’s” to assign to each task, those tasks get done efficiently and with minimal chance of error.

Everyone feels confident in what they need to do, creating a problem solving atmosphere that will easily overcome any obstacle that does show itself. Productivity is at its highest.

It’s About Ease

The ease that Proactive Planning brings to you and the whole team is something you will never forget.

You will never want to go back to the old way of doing things that results in uncertainty the entire time.

You will never want to be part of a construction project that lacks this planning during the early stages, leading to a series of stress inducing obstacles that never end.

You’re grateful when it’s over, but for the wrong reasons. Proactive Planning flips that on its head.

It just makes sense to plan such a financially significant project with as many details as possible.

Time and money are both managed properly, and everyone gets to feel good about what they’re doing without worrying about the next obstacle that will come their way.

This is why Proactive is Addictive. Once you get a taste of it, you’ll want more.

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