The Only Reason For Our Existence

Particularly in the Construction Industry, I feel that many of the big firms forget what matters the most when it comes to running a successful business. As they grow in size, they tend to care less and less about the happiness of their clients, and as mentioned in other posts, they strive to over-inflate their on-site presence and create confusion so that they can shift blame and avoid responsibility. This leads to a frustrating experience for the client, where they never feel fully involved in their own project and are essentially waiting for the contractor to screw them on some level.

I will simply not have any of that.

Centrecon understands that our clients are THE ONLY reason for our existence, and we will keep putting client happiness first on every project that we take. And I just want to share with you a couple things we focus on that make us different from our competitors.

Creating Ease

We are ultimately in the people business, and if we’re not making people happy, we’re not doing our job.

So the first and foremost thing we focus on is creating as much ease for the client as possible. And I like to think this is a breath of fresh air in this industry.

Bringing ease to the client improves the relationship we develop, which as I always say, is the most important part of a successful project.

It eliminates disruptions. There’s an increase in confidence and trust. It also improves the relationship with the subtrades and suppliers.

By focusing on bringing ease to the project which develops relationships positively, we achieve the most productive results possible. We can’t be extreme enough with customer service.

In the cases of other firms where customer service is not the focus, the headaches start adding up very quickly. You might be familiar with these headaches.

The project will become a mess. Daily operations will be disrupted. Patrons can have a tough time doing business with the client.

The contractor doesn’t understand the client or their business, which means the contractor doesn’t respect the client’s needs and expectations.

This creates a project experience that lacks fluidity, flexibility, and communication. They operate in a deficit (lack of preparedness) from day one. All which are necessary for a great client experience.


On top of bringing ease to the client, a big focus is maintaining project fluidity. Construction projects that start off unprepared will find themselves running into obstacles week after week, adding time delays and cost increases. Frustrating.

The way to maintain fluidity is by planning the project in depth at the beginning. With diving deep into the details and nailing down all documentation such as contracts, purchase orders, subcontracts, and orders for equipment and materials, fluidity is simple.

And with all this in place, it’s easier for us to keep the client informed on everything that is happening. Both with reports and conducting periodic site progress checks.

A well informed client is comfortable, trusting, confident and happy. This means they can focus on their business rather than worrying about the details of the project.

It’s Because Of Proactive Planning

By far the most important part of creating a smooth project experience is the proactive planning we do together at the start of the Collaborative Construction Process™.

This brings ease and fluidity to the project so that such a financially significant investment can be enjoyable and comfortable, rather than frustrating and stressful.

And since the only reason we exist is because of our clients, I think it just makes sense that we put our focus on making them happy by bringing ease and fluidity to the project.

Interested in learning more? Download the book, “The Collaborative Construction Process™” to understand more about why you are the only reason we exist and your happiness is the only thing we strive to achieve, which comes with a productive, safe, open, and collaborative project.

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The Collaborative Construction Process™

We have such a passion for building better together with our clients, that we literally wrote the book on it. This is the formula for how we do business, and how we want to start to transform the way everyone chooses to work together and execute work. We have many resources available from an intro video featuring the author himself, a scorecard that you can fill out yourself to determine where your business falls today in the process, and the ability to request a call with the founder of Centrecon and author of the process, Gianluca Pascale. Find out more and get your own free digital copy of The Collaborative Construction Process™ for yourself by clicking below.