Why Is as Important as How

Everything Centrecon™ does is devoted to one idea: To transform the construction industry utilizing collaboration, transparency, accountability, and high-integrity (Our WHY). 

We just happen to do so by doing what we love which is building and renovating.

It is the above values that make sure the client comes first, and we hold them the entire way through the process with each project we take on, never compromising.

This makes sure we continue to surround ourselves with like-minded, right fit team members, service providers, and clients.

Aiming Higher

Our only means of execution is through collaboration. We act with the end in mind and reverse engineer your vision.

We educate you, celebrate our wins and publicly share them in order to show appreciation to those who helped us along the way and inspire others to do the same and follow along.

We want to be a poster child and champion the transformation our industry desperately needs through leading by example.

But let's be honest with each other. While our “WHY” drives the company to greater heights, it’s a win-win in terms of getting new clients.

When the client is put first by holding to our values, that client is more likely to refer us to their friends and contacts, and we become their first call when they have other projects.

They experienced the collaboration and trust that provides a great project experience, and they want to have that again.

It Just Makes Sense

As I’ve said before, we are in the people business. But most contractors don’t realize this.

The convoluted system of a broken project process, poor planning, and general confusion that arises in most projects is not a client first mindset.

And changing that defines the “WHY” at Centrecon™.

The system may have worked in the past. And I am grateful for that. But as time changes all things, it’s time for something new.

It’s time for a process that makes building your dream an enjoyable experience.

If the focus is put on making clients happy, everything else falls into place.

This mantra of ours is one of the pillars that our flagship book, The Collaborative Construction Process™ is built upon, click below to download your FREE copy today...

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The Collaborative Construction Process™

We have such a passion for building better together with our clients, that we literally wrote the book on it. This is the formula for how we do business, and how we want to start to transform the way everyone chooses to work together and execute work. We have many resources available from an intro video featuring the author himself, a scorecard that you can fill out yourself to determine where your business falls today in the process, and the ability to request a call with the founder of Centrecon and author of the process, Gianluca Pascale. Find out more and get your own free digital copy of The Collaborative Construction Process™ for yourself by clicking below.