How We Do It

"You work hard at getting the experience required and the rest is up to opportunity and chance...I see a lot of text book construction going on, but not as much of people rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in order to keep the flow going. That is one of the key areas where Centrecon™ is different."

-Gianluca Pascale (Founder & CEO of Centrecon™, Author of The Collaborative Construction Process™)


We do things differently from the rest of the industry, we always have and always will, and collaboration at every level has been the key to our success, and our clients. Centrecon™ is here to make your renovation or construction project as perfect as possible and we strongly believe that a strictly collaborative approach is the best way to achieve that every time.


We have a safety policy that governs all of our actions, and those of our subcontractors. It is actively enforced on all of our job sites for the protection of all those involved. Centrecon™ also engages a third-party health and safety consultant to monitor our safety performance and to provide additional training as needed in order to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

"...working in establishments that remain operable is a trait that Centrecon Inc. excels at..."

-Emilio Ricciardi (Director of Facilities Maintenance, Walmart Canada)

"...we found Centrecon's approach to be very transparent and extremely conscientious of our tenant's daily activities..."

-Jay C. Basian (Principal, Marland Management Services Inc.)

"...we find that Centrecon Inc.'s approch to construction management is amongst the best in the industry..."

-Todd Kerr (Director of Real Estate, Giampaolo Investments)

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